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Become a well rounded music producer by learning from someone who built their own music career from the ground up, and continues to rise. 

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RIZR is the first officially recognized FL Studio trainer in the U.S. sponsored by Image-Line FL Studio.

Learn everything from the basics to advanced levels of beat making on FL Studio, brush up on your skills, and pick up on RIZR's own special tips and tricks. Discover the techniques used in producing genres such as Hip-Hop, Electronic, R&B, Future Bass & more.

Expand your creativeness and networking skills. Master the art of self-promotion/ freelancing, and get an understanding of the music business side.

Every lesson is custom tailored. The goal is to help each student progress as a music creator and to provide them with the tools needed to keep rising.

There are no real rules in creating music, it’s called music theory.. not music law.